The BLACKSTAR product line has been a highly successful product for the past 10 years due its’ smart controls, ease of use, and fast payback on investment. The BLACKSTAR+ is the next generation of the BLACKSTAR product line and is proudly designed and produced in two fully modernized production facilities in Skive and Saeby, Denmark. The production facilities utilize the latest in automatized and robotic production; thus allowing for not only a high quality product but also a cost effective one for the homeowner. In addition, the Blackstar+ features some of NBE’s latest advancements in central pellet heating technology, thus allowing you to maintain a smart heating system for years to come.

BLACKSTAR+ Standard Features: 

  • FREE 3 year subscription to  Stokercloud, our online monitoring and operations system,
  • 10″ wireless controller running V13 app (Android OS)
  • Possibility to add up to 3 Android devices to your system
  • Air compressor burner cleaning kit; which allows for automatic cleaning of your burner grate (compressor not included)
  • Self-compressing ash can
  • Automatic de-ashing system allows you to burn 2-3 tons of pellets before emptying
  • No mess boiler clean out handles that allows you to easily clean your boiler in seconds without opening it up
  • And our legendary ‘step-less’ 10-100% modulating burner for precision heating.

Combined, this allows for precise and cost effective heating that requires minimal effort for both home or business owners to begin heating with wood pellets. In addition, the systems are designed to be plug-and- play ready which reduces installation cost and can be installed in a modular fashion to add greater functionality and comfort. (See your NBE dealer for details)